The Story of Jackalope June

Owned and operated in St. John's Newfoundland, we are a small shop hand making children's products. Using only the highest quality materials, we focus on offering sustainable and safe items, while we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. The little ones in our lives deserve to have fun while they are being kept safe. This is the core message that inspired Kara Lynn Design to make modern, playful products, that rely on the quality of traditional handcrafting.

From Kara Lynn Designs to Jackalope June

You might recognize us from our earlier name, Kara Lynn Designs! As we’ve grown up so has our company! Our original bunny has evolved and transformed into the magical jackalope. The jackalope is a powerful and strong mythical storybook creature. We want our products to make children feel that same magic and power themselves. 

Our company was born in June, when the flowers are blooming, warm summer breezes fill the air and the jackalopes run wild and free. So, it was only fitting that our name, Jackalope June, was an homage to such a magical time of year.


 About the Artist

I am a multi-disciplinary artisan and children's wear designer who has chosen Newfoundland as my permanent home. I find inspiration and comfort in the strong craft and heritage preservation of this province. Upon my move from Ontario to Newfoundland, I found that same love of heritage everywhere, and now blend the traditional designs from my life with the culture I have become a part of.

My love of making blossomed in my first job at a reenactment museum in Thunder Bay, Ontario where I recreated fur trade era garments. This work gave me an appreciation for traditional fabrics, patterns, and methods, which I carry on throughout my work today.

The water and its impact on life inspires my design work. Coming from the coast of Lake Superior; one of the world's largest lakes, I am enraptured by the different species and practices I see here by the ocean.